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26 Nov, 2021 12 Zobrazení

Aplikace stroboskopického testu LED ve směru detekce LED svítidel

Application of portable spektroradiometr in the Detection Direction of LED Lighting Fixtures
Since the invention of LED lamps, their advantages such as high brightness, low power consumption and long life have quickly won the favor of the lighting market. Nowadays, LED lamps have been popularized in all aspects of our lives. However, more and more people are paying attention to the fact that as a semiconductor light source, LED has a very fast response time, so driving fluctuations will be quickly reflected in light output fluctuations, which brings about the problem of stroboscopic flicker. The following is the LMS-6000P Portable spectroradiometer for flicker test designed and manufactured by LISUN. This device is very popular in China or non-EU countries without requiring the latest ErP standard.

LMS-6000P Portable spectroradiometer

Source of flicker effect
The LED flicker effect is determined by many factors, among which the main sources are: voltage source changes (noise), external coupling noise, unstable dimming phase, unstable drive, and drive mode.

Flicker on LED driver

However, lighting manufacturers, by using flicker testing equipment to perform flicker testing on finished products, can understand the shortcomings of their products, and finally check the supplier’s supply channels or optimize the design according to their own products. After September 2021, the European Union issued the latest EU 2019/2020 ErP standard. Only lamps that meet the latest ErP standard can enter the market and be able to control the harm to the human body to a low limit.

Strobe hazard
Stroboscopic refers to the visually uncomfortable effect caused by the fluctuation of the brightness and spectral distribution of the light source over time. Under normal circumstances, you may think that the lamps are no different. If under an extreme condition (such as an unstable power supply), it is easy to detect different degrees of flicker in the bulb or tube. However, it is usually not observed because the flicker frequency is very high under normal use and cannot be directly detected with the naked eye. However, the actual flicker affects our physical and mental health. Studies have shown that stroboscopic may cause seizures, migraines or severe paroxysmal headaches, often accompanied by nausea and visual disturbances, increase repetitive behaviors, visual fatigue, decreased vision, and even panic attacks and anxiety in patients with autism. , Increased heart rate, dizziness.

Strobe hazard

Stroboscopic effect evaluation standard:
The stroboscopic effect cannot be completely eliminated, but the risk can be reduced to an acceptable range through the access of mandatory product standards. Currently, Europe has issued a new version of the ErP directive EU 2019/2020 (enforced in September 2021) in response to stroboscopic hazards. The document points out the need for multi-dimensional detection of strobe. In addition to requiring lighting manufacturers to limit conventional parameters (such as: flicker frequency, flicker percentage, and flicker index), it also requires strict management of PstLM and SVM.

LISUN designed LSRF-3 Lamp start, Run-up time and Light Flickering Analyzer – Flicker Tester is equipped with Class A fast photometric probe, so the sampling speed is up to 100kHz. It fully meets the requirement of BASIC, Energy Star V2.1IEC TR 61547-1: 2020 IEC-Pst, CA CEC, ASISTENT, CIE TN006-2016 CIE SVM, Standardy IEEE Std 1789 atd. Je to profesionální test blikání LED světel a lamp, energeticky úsporných lamp atd. Podle směrnic EU 1194/2012, 2009/125 / EC, SASO2902NAŘÍZENÍ KOMISE V PŘENESENÉ PRAVOMOCI (EU) 2019/2015NAŘÍZENÍ KOMISE (EU) 2019/2020 a IEC60969 „Samostatně předřadníky pro všeobecné osvětlovací služby - výkonnostní požadavky“ a další požadavky.

Lamp Flicker test interface needs to work with LISUN Integrace kouleZdroj stejnosměrného proudu  a  Standardní světelný zdroj, lze také přidat do LISUNU LPCE-2 /LPCE-3 Integrating Sphere System nebo LSG-6000/LSG-1890B / LSG-1800A Goniofotometr nebo LSG-6000CCD/LSG-1890BCCD / LSG-1800ACCD Goniospectroradiometer.

LSRF-3_Start lampy, doba spuštění a testovací systém blikání

LSRF-3_Start lampy, doba spuštění a testovací systém blikání

Test Report for the IEC pst

Test Report for IEEE Std 1789

Test Report for flicker Basic

At present, there are many kinds of instruments for measuring stroboscopic on the market. In order to evaluate the instruments and equipment on the market, ENERGY STAR compared the mainstream equipment on the market in 2018. The LSRF-3 stroboscopic test equipment developed by Lisun is fully meet the latest ErP standard and higher test accuracy.

The core advantage of LISUN Flicker test device:
1. Ideal for measuring new flicker indicators: PstLM and SVM (mandatory in the EU in September 2021)
2. Accuracy demonstrated by the U.S. Department of Energy, November 2018
3. Many successful cases
4. After-sales service is guaranteed, with a two-year warranty.
5. The test report is traceable, the test report can be printed, and the test result can be shared with your customers in real time at any time through a dedicated sharing link;
6. It has a high share of the European lighting market. Some lighting exporters are even directly required by European and American customers to use LISUN’s test reports, which shows the authority of LISUN stroboscopes in the European and American markets.

Společnost Lisun Instruments Limited byla založena společností LISUN GROUP v roce 2003. Systém kvality LISUN byl přísně certifikován podle normy ISO9001: 2015. Jako členství v CIE jsou produkty LISUN navrženy na základě CIE, IEC a dalších mezinárodních nebo národních standardů. Všechny produkty prošly certifikátem CE a ověřeny laboratoří třetí strany.

Naše hlavní produkty jsou GoniofotometrIntegrace kouleSpektroradiometrGenerátor přepětíESD simulátorPřijímač EMITestovací zařízení EMCElektrický bezpečnostní testerEnvironmentální komorateplotní komoraKlimatická komoraTepelná komoraTest na solný postřikZkušební komora na prachVodotěsný testTest RoHS (EDXRF)Test žárového drátu  a  Test s plamenem jehly.

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